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Retired Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Matthew Fogg takes lifelong fight for justice to Capitol Hill with Maryland 4th District congressional campaign - Washintgon Post

​​US Marshal Inspector William 'Bill' Scott Profile (Deceased) 

Former Inspector with the United States Department of Justice, United States Marshal Service

Over 30 years of City, State and Federal Law Enforcement experience

TDY in several foreign country’s, i.e. (regions) Asia and Far East.


Attended City University of New York, Majored in Police Science and graduated from several Law Enforcement Academies.

1991 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.
Received the Dade County Florida Mayors Proclamation.
United States Marshal's Service Directors Meritorious Award.
Several awards from the United States Attorney General
Special Act Awards Letter of Commendation from  Vice President of the United States
Award from the Associate Director of the FBI
Awards from DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)
Police Silver Star
Purple Heart Awards.


Trained with and Graduated Elite Military Groups.

Honorable Discharge United States Marine Corp. - Vietnam era

Member New Jersey State Police Honor Legion

Appeared on various television shows, i.e. TOP COPS, HARD COPY, BET (Black Entertainment Network) and other News Stations

Police Martial Arts, martial arts school Keisatu Budo/Kyokushinkai Kan, Registered Black Belt in Judo, Ju Jitsu, Karate and other self defense arts.

Member of Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Inducted member of the Order of the Purple Heart, for military action of valor.

Senior Deputy U.S. Marshal Stephen M. Zanowic jr.'s Profile

Military:  Honorable Discharge United States Army-Vietnam Era
Served as a Mi!itary Police Officer with the:

101st Military Police Company
101st Airborne Division  Attained Rank: E-5
Military Honors
Good Conduct
National Defense Ribbon/Unit Citation/1972-1974

Police Officer City of Bayonne l978-1982 Patrolman.
New Jersey State Police Academy B/M/C 1978
New Jersey State Police Academy , ADV.
Organized Crime Investigations 1980 Sea Girt New Jersey.

Police Officer City of New York: 1983-l988; Patrolman/Investigator
New York City Police Academy, 1983.
Investigations New York City Police Academy, 1984 lnternal Affairs New York City Police Academy; Intelligence Division, Specialized Protective Security Training (Dignitary Protection), 1985. New York City

United States Marshals Service Deputy United States Marshal/Southern District New York;

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (Academy): 1988/ Criminal Investigator Training Program ( CI-838)
1988/Basic Deputy United States Marshal Training Program.
1992/Advanced Deputy United States Marshal Training. Glynco, Georgia

Member Of the Honor Legion of the Police Department City of New York, 05/ 09/88.
Member Patrolmens Benevolent Association City of New York, Since 01/1983.-2003
Member Fraternal Order of Police State of New Jersey, 1984/2001
Police Commendation; Police Meritorious Citation ; Excellent Police Duty/etc. Several Letters of Commendation from the  United States Attorney's Office/SDNY; Award New Jersey State Police Officers Association/Others

Specialized Training:
Dignitary/Protective Security and Investigations; Internal Affairs Investigations; Organized Crime Investigations; Fugitive Investigations; Police Martial Arts; student of the Keisatu Budo/KyokushinkaiKan system.

Military: Honorable Discharge: United States Army-Vietnam Era 1972-1974

Dr. Matthew Fogg
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